Well, let me first give you a quick introduction of myself, the man spearheading this project. My name is Tashu and I have more than two decades of experience in the global IT industry. Presently, I head CyberMust Ltd, a London based Startup Builder.

I conceptualised Atheist startups in 2016, the year I finally succeeded in taming my prolonged and cruel, type -2 bipolar disorder. After taming this cruel monster, I created a new road-map for myself and steered both my personal & professional life into a new and more fulfilling direction. Atheist Startups is one of the most important projects of my new road-map.

My Views on Entrepreneurship & Startups

In my opinion, startup revolution and the emerging Sharing Economy is giving rise to a new form of socialist revolution that seeks to democratise wealth creation and distribution. It is creating economic opportunities for the masses like never before.

My Views on Atheism’s Definition

I believe that the dictionary definition of Atheism; “Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods”; is too narrow for our times. It should be redefined, putting the main emphasis on ‘rationalism’, which actually is the foundation of atheism.

Tashu Gudokin

Tashu Gudokin

Director, CyberMust Ltd

Atheist Startups Mission & Vision

Atheist startups is a non-profit organisation with a mission to create a global Atheist Startup Ecosystem and promote entrepreneurship as a means of democratisation of wealth creation and distribution.

Outline: Goals & Activities

  • Community Portal: Developing & maintaining the community portal www.AtheistStartups.com  that’s feature-rich, user-friendly and scalable.  The portal is a hybrid between Angel List & Linkedin. This portal is the heart of the project. The main goal of this portal is to act as a hub and catalyst to create a global startup ecosystem, especially for the non-theists. Some of the main features of the portal are
    • Members Directory: Categorised and searchable Member Directory ( Entrepreneurs, Investors, Job Seekers, Service Providers etc.)
    • Organisations Directory: Members can create & list any number of organisations ( Startups, Incubators, VC Firms etc.) . Organisation can invite members to join it
    • Social Interaction: Members can interact with each other ( Friends, Chat, Forum, Collaboration etc.)
    • Job Portal: Organisations can pot their jobs that gets listed in a searchable job list. Members/Job seekers can search and apply to the jobs.
    • Social Marketplace: Members can barter, sell and buy relevant services and products in a transparent Social Marketplace.
  • Community Programmes: Developing and implementing global as well as region-specific community benefit programmes that help young atheist aspiring entrepreneurs join the startup movement. A few of the planned programmes are:
    • Online Incubator:  Extending complete support to aspiring atheist entrepreneurs who do not have access to startup support for whatever reasons ( Geographical location, lack of fund). It may run 3 to 6 months online incubation programmes.
    • Online Micro Startups: Popularising and promoting Online Micro startups among aspiring entrepreneurs. These are the startups that can be launched with a pre-seed fund of $25,000 max and that can be managed by a team of 4-5 remote entrepreneurs/workers operating from their homes.
    • Pre-seed & Seed Funding:  Providing initial funding to those aspiring atheist entrepreneurs who do not have easy access to funds.
    • Sharing Economy Startups: Encouraging entrepreneurs to give preference to starting Sharing Economy Startups that further creates small home business opportunities for the masses.

Legal Structure

Legal Structure: I’m in the process of registering Atheist Startups as non-profit CIC (Community Interest Company) in London. CIC is a special type of limited company that was introduced by the UK government in 2005 to form non-profit social enterprises.

Proposed Organisational Structure

Atheist Startups Needs You

How you can help:

  • First, please join it and add your organisations (Startups, Incubators, VCs etc.)
  • Spread the word. Share it with your social contacts & followers.
  • Give your feedback & suggestions
  • Volunteer
  • Start a local chapter in your city/country.
  • If you’re an industry veteran, please consider joining the board and guiding us.
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